Live. Love. Dance

A lot of things are my life. Dance. Music. Friends. Photography. Rugby. Singing. Writing. Laughing. Memories. Slurpees. Chinese Food. Texting. Oceans. Football. Funny Faces. Life.

My boss decided I needed to be put in a box. So I took a selfie…
Throwing it back to planting a tree on Earth Day last year with my little sissy!
Paws <3 #detroittigers #baseball (at Comerica Park)
It doesn’t get better than this. #TigersPix (at Comerica Park)
Like mother, like daughter <3
Happy early Easter from a lovely customer” :)
The dance floor is where my heart is, where my body belongs.  (at Juliana’s Academy of Dance)
Twins for life, don’t mess with us.
Springtime love :)
View from the drive-thru at work today. Mesmerized.
And here’s to all the little sibs in my life, who put a smile on my face no matter what <3
Happy national siblings day to the best big brother & best friend a girl could have. You wanted to return me when I was born but, almost 20 years later, you’re still stuck with me ;) Love you to the moon and back, Broder <3
My fish is my favorite.
One of the last days spent in this house. Favorite place in the world <3 (at Grandville, MI)