Live. Love. Dance

A lot of things are my life. Dance. Music. Friends. Photography. Rugby. Singing. Writing. Laughing. Memories. Slurpees. Chinese Food. Texting. Oceans. Football. Funny Faces. Life.

Special delivery at work :) I am one lucky girl.
#OSH14 Countdown: 6 days!
#OSH14 Countdown: 6 days!
#OSH14 countdown: One week. One week until the friends, family, flying, fun, and food.
Sunday mornings.
Smile everyday.
Best friend day with my girl Windy <3
Reunited (after 9 long months) and it feels SO GOOD <3
Another Oshkosh #tbt Ten days!
The best way to make popcorn.
Funny face pictures for life.
Quality time with this little man! Love my kiddos.
Movie date with mama :) Best frands forever.
The Important Things Humans Do.